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Forever In Our Hearts

Agnes Abia

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Remembering Agnes Nwakego Abia

This site was created in memory a loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Colleague, Teacher and Mentor.


Born in Cameroon

APRIL 24TH, 1945

Mrs Agnes Nwakaego Abia (Nee Omekwu) on Thursday, April 27 took her flight as the eagle to glory in style, so simple yet very sublime. It was simple because she went to church for prayer meeting on her own without any sign of sickness or impending departure. It was sublime because it happened after her testimony of God's faithfulness to her and her family.

Welcome to the celebration of a life well lived in the service of God and humanity.

We celebrate a life so inspirational, a life that so freely gave and gave.

 We celebrate a life of grace, strength and purpose.

We celebrate a life that touched the hearts of many, leaving a legacy of great length.

We celebrate a life that is a shining example of what it means to truly live.

We celebrate a life that faced each challenge with courage and pursued her passions with vigor, and vitality.


We celebrate a life that inspired others to follow their dreams, and never settle for less.

Our loved and beloved Agnes lived a life full of joy, laughter, and love, and touched the lives of those around her with blessings from above and below. Her kindness was boundless; her care and compassion unending, thereby making a positive impact on the world and helping to heal and mend broken hearts.

The eagle has taken her flight from this earthly plain, but her kind and generous spirit lives on, providing us with the inspiration to live with purpose and not in vain. Her enduring legacy will continue to shine, and her memory will never fade or be erased.

Come and join us as we celebrate her life, with joy and gratitude in our hearts to the Almighty God.  Join us to honor the way she lived, by living our own lives with purpose, courage and care for others. True champions do not live in castles and cathedrals but in hearts touched with care, courage and compassion. It is celebration season for Mrs Agnes Nwakaego Abia:- wife, mother, grandmother, mother in law, sister, aunty and friend.


- Professor Charles O. Omekwu

Professor and Attorney at Law



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