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Hilda Agusiobo
May 25, 2023
In General Tributes
A TRIBUTE TO A BEAUTIFUL AND PEACEFUL WOMAN MRS AGNES NWAKEGO ABIA NEE OMEKWU. I met Mrs Abia A. N. For the first time in 1989 in Federal Government College, Enugu were we served as classroom teachers and her dear husband Mr S. N. Abia was our principal. In the years we worked together I can boldly say that she was a responsible teacher and very helpful to staff and students. She was always wearing a smiling face and was a sincere friend. Her husband's position in the school didn't make her proud or arrogant rather she was very supportive. As a teacher she was very punctual in school, consistently taught her lessons and met all deadlines. She was always at college assembly and dutifully performed all the adhoc duties assigned to her. Mama Ifeanyi was a good mother, excellent mother in law and a caring wife. Her home was a home for all. Her death was a huge shock for everybody. We will surely miss her. Adieu peaceful woman. Dr Mrs Hilda Chineze Agusiobo.

Hilda Agusiobo

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