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Irene Ohia
May 24, 2023
In General Tributes
Though I fondly called you Aunty, you were my mother away from home. You welcomed me into your home and extended your love for me to my parents and siblings. That door has never closed and I'm grateful for the opportunity to always find a resting place in you and your home. Yes, with keen observations, you were always quick to pick a naughty habit or behaviour, but you handled those situations with a firmness that exuded love rather than outright condemnation and judgement. I always thought you had an eagle's sight. Thank you for teaching me the ways of the kitchen, endearing me to good meal planning, cooking and baking while maintaining a clean kitchen. This I have never failed to execute and teach as well. Daalu, Nnemoma, for the legacies you have kept for Ify, I and other now grown women you bred from far and near. You simplified motherhood in such a loving way. I have always and will always appreciate you. I choose to believe that you have become a cloud of witness now living with the saints and cheering us on. Thank you for that last testimony and thanksgiving on behalf of your loved ones. Daalu Auntim. But your sudden transition really shocked me! It is well... May your sweet and gentle soul rest in the Lord's bosom. Amen Your Port Harcourt Daughter Irene Ohia

Irene Ohia

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