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Jul 01, 2023
In Tributes from Family
Mummy mummy!!! You truly were an extraordinary mother, one in a million! Since the very first day we met, you embraced me as your own, showering me with love unconditionally and without judgment. You swiftly welcomed me into your family, creating a sense of belonging and warmth whenever I was in your presence. Your nurturing and care made me feel like a cherished treasure, and I loved every moment we shared. The moments you spent with us during the 'omugwo' period were truly remarkable. You graciously taught me how to care for my newborn children, providing invaluable guidance and support. Bitterleaf soup was never something I liked, let alone enjoyed. However, because it was one of your signature dishes, I could only savor and relish yours. You made me feel incredibly special to be a part of your family, and you entrusted me with precious family histories. I am deeply grateful for your guidance and love throughout the years. You consistently encouraged us to live in peace and look after each other. The girls love you and miss you dearly. They were eagerly anticipating the chance to see you again this year, but God had other plans. You were the epitome of an ideal mother-in-law, surpassing any expectations one could have. The best mother-in-law any wife would have asked for. Laa n’udo nneoma! We will forever keep your memories alive in our hearts. We love you!! Rest well mummy, rest well in God’s perfect tranquility! Your Daughter-in-law Nkechi


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