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ndubeze williams omekwu
Jun 08, 2023
In Tributes from Family
“Death is a necessary end, it will come when it will”......Shakespeare. It is a journey that everyone MUST undertake.  Like the passing away of all great characters in history, the exit of my big sister, the first daughter of a great man Mariba Ojinwadu Omekwu could be linked to a phenomenal eclipse accompanied by a dislodgement of Comets. And it came as a rude shock to us. Your exit leaves a vacuum that can never be re-filled by any other person!   GOD cannot, and will not be questioned about this.   My big sister, have safe trip as you journey to the land of no return. We miss you!!!   From: Mr. & Mrs. Omekwu, Williams Ndubeze

ndubeze williams omekwu

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