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Daniel Odobo
May 17, 2023
In General Tributes
You were the wife of FGC Wukari Pioneer Principal, though a teacher, you never made it ostentatious. You were a mentor in your own class. You were empathetic and also understood the problems of learners who confided in you in their weakest moments of trial. Many of those you taught Home Management, and how to bake are now reputable bakers and doing great as parents. A good woman you were, may the good heavens give you a place. We miss you. Easy going soft spoken, wisdom in all your counsel, your firm stance on issues were instructive making wise the simple. As a house mistress and Teacher you moulded the character of many including me of which today I emulate and replicate in my home. A big thank you to you, our dear emblematic Mother, Grandma, Mentor, and, Teacher. Rest in perfect peace Ma and may the saints triumphantly receive you into their bosom with glory. Amen. *Ogbemudia Odobo.*

Daniel Odobo

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