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nnajiomekwu emmanuel
Jun 05, 2023
In Tributes from Family
The news of your transiting to glory was a very difficult one to believe. It came like a bombshell. no news of accident..... It just came like a dream, almost impossible for me to believe and at last it became reality. What a life! What a world! It is indeed a very big blow on many. Aunty Federal, I envisaged that God did not want you to experience the pains of sickness hence he prevented you from suffering protracted illness. God love you more than we do and that is why He called you to Himself when you were at the right place doing the righteous act (you were in the Church to praise God, thank Him, ask for His blessings, His forgiveness, e.t.c.), when the wicked hand of death struck you down, on the 27th day of April, 2023 and from there to hospital and to the mortuary and never came back to the earth. You were a loving, humble and compassionate woman and left an indelible mark in our hearts and nothing will ever erase it. Rest on dearest Sister; till we meet to part no more. Mr. & Mrs. Nnaji Omekwu. (Brother)

nnajiomekwu emmanuel

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