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Joel Onuekwusi
May 12, 2023
In Tributes from Family
The breaking news about your departure from this world struck me like a thunderbolt from the blues. I spoke with you on Wednesday morning, 26th April 2023 while in transit to Enugwu-Agidi via call. I promised to see you on Saturday 29th before I depart for Abuja on Sunday. But it wasn't to be as I was told your body had been deposited in the mortuary Thursday afternoon! Just imagine. I was in great shock and completely devastated. I went down memory lane - A mother and son relationship for a perfect understanding of my painful loss because you were thoughtful, kind, and considerate. I remember with nostalgia meeting and knowing you, Mom, as I now call you, for the first time in 1964 in my master’s house at Ago-Iwoye as my would-be madam. Rather than fear, because of my age, it was all joy in my heart given the background I came from, that I was most welcomed into a home that did not belong to my biological parents. It was indeed a joy to be accepted and treated as an adopted son; guided, directed, and allowed reasonable freedom for self-actualization - very rare in many homes, then and even now. This marked the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Suffice it to say, Mom, you were just fantastic in word and deeds - a loving and compassionate mentor, a confidant! Mom, you were more than a mentor, a model, and a mother - you were just everything in my life. You touched my life in greater ways than words can express. What did you, in particular, and Daddy not do to ensure my relative success in life? You did everything a loving and compassionate mother would do for her child. All through the Nigerian/Biafra Civil War, I remained under you and Daddy’s protective cover. You continued to monitor my progress during the few years of our separation after the war. Because of your compassionate heart, you ensured I was back on track after many challenges. With Daddy’s help, you ensured that I secured Federal government-paid employment, through which I navigated the various storms of life. Again with your eagle eyes and judgment for good things, you found me a fantastic young lady for a wife. You wedded us and ensured, through your ever-invaluable advice, that we established a good and stable home. What haven’t you done for me? I am because you were! I shall surely miss your motherly love, care, and mentorship which helped me navigate through many life challenges. Honestly, the diverse roles you and Daddy played in my upbringing and the establishment of a happy and stable home, carved an indelible mark in my mind. Though you are gone physically from this world, your memory will live evergreen in my heart whenever history is recalled. What can I give you in return for all your consistently great and wonderful show of interest in me and my family but to ensure, within my power and the grace of God, portray and pass on to my siblings - your biological children - the undeniable benefits of following the established footsteps for good, healthy and loving relationships spiced occasionally with smiles and jokes which you laid in me. With a very heavy heart and tears in my eyes, though not readily visible, I, on behalf of my wife whom you so loved and my children, say ADIEU MOM, and may God our creator, who knows all things rest your kind, compassionate and gentle soul in perfect peace. Amen. Joel Onuekwusi The “first son” you brought up from almost kindergarten, DD (Official Report) Rtd. NASS.

Joel Onuekwusi

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