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Ugonna Nwankwo
Jun 14, 2023
In Tributes from Family
Thank you for always praying for my brothers and I. You always wanted us to achieve new heights and do that which pleases God. I wish you came to the United States more, there’s so much I could’ve shown you. You were so protective of my brothers and I. I remember when we first came to visit Nigeria and you gave us Naira to give to the police, in case they pulled us over. At the time, I never understood the gravity of that sentiment, but Grandma, you always cared for each of us. Just as you watched over us when we were in Nigeria, you will be watching over us from heaven above. Thank you for all the prayers you had for us and my main goal now is to make you proud. I love you now and forever 💕.

Ugonna Nwankwo

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